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what you need to know to get around. . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's monday, october 1st. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with our continuing coverage of this afternoon's amtrak train crash that injured dozens of people. the train originated in oakland. it collided with a truck in the central valley. the crash happened about 30 miles south of fresno. officials say a big rig struck the side of the train at a rail crossing de railing it. you'll see that train tipped over at about a 45-degree angle. one woman on that train de scribes the accident as a horrifying or deal. >> you couldn't see anything. it was just all people start
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coughing and everyone screaming and crying. it was just -- it was horrible. >> the woman said she was bruised and sore but had no broken bones. the fresno bee reports a total of 42 injuries. officials tell us none are life threatening. amtrak is using buss now to get those passengers down to bakersfield. we have new information about a grass fire that burned. cal fire now tells us the flame burned three homes. reports started coming in just after 4:00 p.m. of a fire along highway 115. at this hour crews have shut down a one or two-mile stretch of the highway. the fire burned about four acres. at this point no injuries and no word yet what caused it. an albany teacher accused of lewd acts just last week is now dead apparently took his own life. james izumizaki is being investigated as possible suicide. we're told a note was found with his body.
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izumizaki was a sixth grade teacher at albany middle school. the 28-year-old was arrested last week after reports surfaced about an inappropriate relationship with a former student. a high school underway today as prosecutors laid out their case against the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le. the accusations include elements of jealousy, hate red, and obsession. >> the brother of my sell le em bralsed friends and reporters outside the courtroom. >> like the rest of the family, i think, having a difficult time with the first presentation. >> cameras were not permitted inside the courtroom where photos of le's bones were presented along with recordings of texts and audio conversations between giselle esteban and scott who once dated le and is the father of at least one of esteban's two children. in court today both sides de scribed giselle esteban as a woman consumed with jealousy and hate red for michelle le.
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the prosecution says it drove esteban to plan le's murder while the defense says it is a crime of passion. prosecutors can't prove first or second degree murder but today prosecutors set out to prove murder and premeditation. they shared one conversation during which esteban accused of harboring feelings for le and threatening them both saying you'll be honest about it or i'll take your life and hers. >> they basically documented every move this woman has made, know exactly every location she's been in over the course of the last couple of years. >> today, scott testified that he and le were just friends but that esteban was falsely convinced that a two were having a sexual relationship. esteban once sent a text accusing him of picking a his or her over his family, a depiction le's family would not address. esteban's family also declined to answer questions about giselle and the baby she had while in custody. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the trial of the man
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suspected in the oi kus university mass shooting was put on hold today when the defendant's sanity came to question. 43-year-old appeared in oakland courtroom this morning. he faces seven koubts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. during the brief hearing today, he suddenly stood up and shouted to the judge, "i have a motion." the public de fender did file a motion regarding his mental competency. >> by psychiatrists or psychologists to determine whether he is competent to stand trial. >> he is schedule today return to court after the evaluation. the trial date is november 19th. the san francisco crime lab is now in the hands of a federal jury. in 2010, mat di reportedly told police she had taken small amounts of drugs from this crime lab. she is charged by obtaining drugs, charges she denied. if convicted she could face up to four years in prison. the coast guard is out again
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looking for two boaters who went missing. search and rescue team searched the waters. the two men vanished about 10:30 yesterday morning when their boat cap sides. two others on the boat made it to shore safely. . get ready san francisco, the city is hosting more than half a dozen events from sweet week to america's baseball play off games so that means huge crowds coming to town. how officials plan to deal with the potential transit and traffic nightmares. shan na. >> that's right. just imagine the population of san francisco doubling. that's about how many people are expected here in the next ten days, and you can see the signs up already warning people they're going to take one of these traffic lanes and turn it over to bike rides and maybe a bike ride or take public transit. expect lain closures, de tours and a lot of heavy traffic through the city. >> san francisco is only about seven square miles. this week huge crowds could have
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the city bursting at its seems. an estimated 1 million people are expected to come to town. >> i'm not driving this week. definitely not. >> fleet week kicks off thursday and is expect today attract a couple hundred thousand people this weekend and the waterfront won't be the only hot spot. the hardly bluegrass festival will draw hundreds of thousands to golden gate park. street fair and the giants and 49ers games also will draw the crowd. after that the cruze ships, thousands of passengers, ial yan parade and san francisco police have their entire staff 2 thousand officers all the on standby to work. >> if they're imminent and if that does arise we'll be able to move our resources to the area without a problem. >> drivers will need to watch for street closures. bart will be running longer trains and plans to run additional bus and rail lines to the waterfront and golden gate park. there will also be 100
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additional taxis on the streets and extra services for bicycles. >> we'll have free bike valets throughout the city. we'll have bike rentals available to everyone throughout the network. >> the america starts tomorrow so be prepared. the one with silver lining is the economic benefit. with crowded hotels, restaurants, and businesses. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. a few bay area locations saw temperatures reach triple digits today and a few cities even saw the highest temperatures of the year. with many readings in the mid to high 90s the people we spoke to say they know to take precaution but officials say it's the most vulnerable. >> make sure babies are not overdressed. be aware of elderly that may be left in their homes, don't have air-conditioning, don't have fans. >> meteorologist rose mary orozco has a look at the rest coming up at 7:23. investigators in mre sant hill are looking into what sent
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a car crashing into a restaurant. fire investigators tell us this led to the crash dining area. no one was seriously hurt. the rest has been shut down so investigators can assess the damage. in santa cruz county one lane of southbound highway 17 is closed after a school bus accident. there were no children on board the bus. the bus collide wad rental truck. santa cruz sentinel reporting the driver of the van major injuries, the bus driver minor injuries. fire officials confirm a weekend fire was intentionally set. saturday's two-alarm fire is being treated as an act of domestic terrorism. the fbi and are now being called in to help with the investigation. the fire is the latest and most devastating in a string of attacks against him. >> i've had written threats, verbal threats, telephone threats but none have risen to the level of this type of
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dangerous criminal conduct. >> mayor davis says he believes the attacks are physically motivated and that he's not fearful for his own life but concerned for his family. chairman delivered a sharp central bank stimulus. in an address economic club in indiana, action is necessary because the economy isn't growing fast enough. >> bringing down long-term interest rates should support economic fwroet and employment by lowering the cost of borrowing to buy homes and cars or to finance investments. >> today's speech just comes weeks after the feds mortgage bonds to boost market reports congress not to interfere in the fed's discussions. early but momentum stalled late in the day. dow industrial rose 77, nasdaq lost 2. yahoo's new ceo can now add mother to list of accomplishments. she gave birth to a baby boy last night one week ahead of her
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due date. she accepted the job as yahoo's ceo. the company's spokesman says mayer will work from home before rushing to office in would your honor two weeks. speck tack rar sight today in san francisco bay. a hump back whale swimming in the water near the golden gate bridge. the captain tells us it's one of three whales in the area today. the number of whale sightings this year in both san francisco and monterey bay. environmentalists criticizing a new plan to massive earthquakes near the -- utilities near the nuclear facility by blasting high ai under the surface to have ocean. federal agencies say there will only be temporary on the marine life ktvu state environmental impact report that says there would be significant damage to hundred of marine mammals. the project is scheduled to
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start next month. shopping bags have a crazy proposition in san francisco. see what happens to businesses that don't comply. and go ahead and call him a genius. the work of one bay area man gets recognition and leaves him much wealthier. near record heat near part of the bay area today. a cool down is on the way. i will lay it out for you coming up c10
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. caltrain today added six trains to its schedule to address the trains are new or previously taken out of service due to budget cuts. the caltrain spokeswoman says back in june reached an all-time high more than 50 thousand riders each day. a full standing-room only train. the repercussions continue tonight over a high volume at
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the coliseum. the city and coliseum issued a poll ji for the before wobder land event saturday. the party continued until 2:00 a.m. and oakland and san leandro are outraged. police say they received more than 2,000 complaints. officials for oakland and the coliseum are promising a review of their audio management features. and now to the race for the white house. president obama and mitt romney will go head to head in denver in just two days. the nominees prepare, analysts are weighing in on the debate court. >> on wednesday night, arena at the university of denver offering what de scribe as political theater, the first one on one presidential debate of the 2012 campaign. >> a good performance in a presidential debate can jet up a party enthusiasm. >> can it also persuade undecided voters and with 36
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days until the election, that could make all the difference. >> that would be great. if they would lay out a specific plan, and that's what we'd love to see in the debate. >> while the stakes are high, both candidates are trying to down play expectations. >> governor romney, he's a good debater. i'm just okay. >> president obama is holding debate sessions following nevada. mitt romney is practicing for the next two days while in denver. >> so what we hope people get out of this de intat that --. >> both polls indicate president obama is pulling ahead in several battleground states but a poor debate performance or gaffe could be a huge stumble. many analysts say mitt romney may be better prepared after more than 20 debates during the primary. >> there are moments like that you don't know which way it's going to bounce. there are four debates in october, three of them presidential. wednesday evening's primary event is primarily focussed on domestic policy. there will only be about two weeks of campaign time
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remaining. in washington, craig, fox news. governor brown signing a bill that would let him illegal immigration driver's license. the legislation signed yesterday qualify for the obama administration work program. it documented people that came to the u.s. before they were 16 years old. the report say the news law will make roads safer. it could be used for other things such as entering airport terminals. today san francisco city leaders to launch the city's new weigh theft tax course. the group is created to help prevent worker abuse in san francisco. officials say the tax course will research and work on policies that will insure fair pay for all workers. authorities in the central valley are looking for brazen robbers who made up with about $2 million in gold in the daytime muse sim heist. investigators say the robbers were armed with pick axes and dressed as anyone gentlemans. the museum held thousands of
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precious art facts including 1-pound gold nugget. investigators say that nugget was not among the items taken. honored today for the genius award. 66-year-old maw lease lin miller started the family independence initiative. the initiative now around the country. the initiative brings together community members such as these people in san francisco to share resources, offer mutual support and problem solve as they work toward educational, financial, and professional goals. miller is set to receive $500,000 a year over the next five years. someone in nevada is holding a ticket worth $14 million. the winning ticket was purchased at the ocean supermarket on south park memorial drief. the ticket matched all six numbers in the saturday drive and so did another ticket purchased up in lake county so the ticketholders will split 28 million in winnings. the wing numbers are at the
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bottom of your screen, 3, 4, 27, 39 and 3. the winners have 180 days to claim their jackpot. the question used to be paper or plastic but now whichever you choose expect to pay for it unless you bring your own. tells us the new bag ban in san francisco and how much it will cost you. >> out shopping in san francisco? if you don't bring your own bag, there will be a price to pay. >> i was like heck no i don't want to buy a bag for 10 cents. give me a bag like how we've always been doing it. you know what i mean? it's amoiing. it's messing up the flow. >> the new ordnance expanding the band to all retailers. now if you want the store to provide a bag at all they're required to charge a minimum of 10 cents. >> i think it's great. i personally think everyone should redwruz bags they currently have or use reusable bag because it's a waste of plastic. >> an fran department of
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environment is charged with enforcing the measure but it will up to any businesses not to comply. >> if a business a taking a good-faith effort to comply we'll give them that but if a business is refusing to comply then they're subject to fines. >> the fines range from $100 all the way up to $500. the owner is ordering his new bags to make the switch. >> i'm a little late on that so i still have plastic bags i need to get rid of and replace with paper bags with handles. >> i think it's a total rip off. >> but these australia visitors see why the ban might be beneficial. >> when you get a bag, what do you do when you get home? you put it in the trash can, correct? well, if you pay for it, you might think twice about it. >> the bag ban will extend to restaurants, too. that starts next october. in san francisco, ann ruben, ktvu channel 2 news. apple is in damage control mode tonight after growing
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complaints from iphone 5 users about unnecessary overage charges. verizon customers reported their phone has been using cellar data even while connected to wifi network. verizon said it won't charge customers for unwarranted cellar data usage. i hear oh carriers it's also affecting. coming up facelift and boy the heat is on throughout the bay area and today. meteorologist rosemary orozco lets us know when the heat will dispate. and if you're on the go or away from the tv you can still watch ktvu news cast live on your computer, smart phone, or tablet. get the app or go to [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go.
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i'm busting your chops, the cheesesteak's good. say it. you're better at hockey. helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. . hollywood's most fame us landmark is getting a make over. hally wood sign is set to get its most extensive refurbishing in 35 years. the project is expected to take 275 gallons and 110 gallons of primer. officials say the final product eight to ten weeks. bay area news at 7:00 we talked about triple digit temperatures, possibly record-breaking heat. >> yeah. tonight anticipated to be the hottest day of the heat spell
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we're enduring and it was. temperatures well into the 100s in some cases. broke a record in kent vil. 97 degrees is the new standing record. 101 in santa rosa just shy of a record for you. 100 in livermore, widespread 90s in oakland, hayward. san jose, redwood city, you got to 100 degrees and still a hot one out there in some cases, 90 degrees ant wok, 90 degrees at this hour in livermore, 80 degrees in oakland. 82 in napa, 83 in santa rosa so not too bad there. 85 degrees in san jose. we do have changes in store. way too hot for you. we've got a system here off the coast of southern california. you can even see the cloud formation beginning to build a southerly swell so by tomorrow the coast will begin to cool down first and then that cooler air is going to trickle in. so today we're going to say the heat by tomorrow, though, a subtle change in the
7:25 pm
temperatures. first there will be a slight cool down followed by a bigger drop on wednesday and you can see the temperatures will continue to fall on thursday. meanwhile tomorrow morning we start out a lot like this morning. low 60s in the forecast with mostly clear skies. 52 degrees for san ra kel, 54 in oakland, 58 redwood city, 60 degrees san jose, 69 livermore and antioch we'll see a pretty quick warmup once again our inland spots will be warm once again. 91 in santa rosa tomorrow. low 80s sausalito. for the east bay 82 for oakland, 87 valley still near the cently mark in some cases. 91 san jose, 90 grooes for santa clara. along the peninsula a nicer day. 83 san mateo, 77 in san francisco. notice the coast for 60s to low 70s expected off pacifica down
7:26 pm
into bay and the widespread cooling comes in on wednesday into thursday. temperatures continue to fall into the weekend. upper 70s to low 80s in the forecast with partly cloudy skies maybe even mostly cloudy at times. 60 off the coast. gasia. >> thank you, rosemary. . well, you know what they say all it takes is one. now for the oakland athletics, the a's have been on a role and begin their final series to have regular season against now if they win just one of three games or the la angels lose one, the a's assure themselves of a fourth season burn. if they somehow the rangers, the a's would win the america team west. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight we're look intoog the death of a middle schoolteacher just days after he was accused of an inappropriate relationship with a student. keep in mind we're always here for you at and tmz is
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